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The IT documentation for all departments


You no longer need your own software for your fleet . Because i-doit is more flexible than many more expensive solutions on the market. You store technical details and administrative information together for each property. 


Maintenance contracts and invoice documents become a natural part of your IT documentation. And if an important category is missing, just add it.


Connect the departments of your company with each other. Accounting benefits from your documentation like IT and facility management. And besides, you also implement an Enterprise Service Management .


The IT-documentation solution i-doit is based on a complete open source configuration management and database. Using i-doit as a CMDB you can manage your IT according to ITIL best practices and configurate the significant components of your IT environment.


You can visualize the relationships between these components and keep track of software and hardware assets and their relations.


i-doit is easy to install and populate with data. You can create your CMDB data model and import data from various external sources through or through auto-discovery of your network.


Due to its open API i-doit can also officiate as a flexible and efficient configuration management engine for other Service Management software.


i-doit open is completely open source and available for free download.

360 ° documentation

I-doit offers an overall view of your IT. Whether technology, service, administration or security - everything in relation.



With add-ons you can add new functions according to your needs or expand existing ones.

Detailed rights system


Access rights can be set granularly. Everyone only sees what is essential for their tasks.

Ready for immediate use


i-doit can be used immediately. Elaborate implementation projects are a thing of the past.

Detailed relationship model


You can freely define relationships and dependencies between all objects.



With comparable performance, i-doit is usually cheaper than other solutions on the market.

Industry standard


Developed from practice, developed for practice: the standard of IT documentation.

Fair licensing


The size of the license is based solely on the number of documented objects.

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